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"After experiencing a big personal loss I found that the physical effects of grief were showing up in my body and complicating my ability to work and to heal.  I had never experienced acupuncture before, but in just a few sessions with Kate I could feel that areas of tension were releasing and I felt even better than what I considered normal.  It's an amazing process that you have to experience.  Over the past year I've come to know Kate as creative and intuitive acupuncturist; she takes the time to really understand what's going on and picks up on cues that lead her to treatments that work.  I appreciate her combination of extensive knowledge and keen awareness and her ability to immediately put you at ease, regardless of the circumstances that you walked in with. She's a gem."

- Dina B.


What to Expect During Your First Acupuncture Session

You begin your initial appointment by filling out an intake form which asks you about what brings you in for treatment, your present and past health history, your lifestyle, and any symptoms you are experiencing. We then talk in depth about the information you shared, and clarify your treatment priorities. Often I will take your pulses and look at your tongue, or palpate your abdomen as part of the diagnostic process. These tools offer me a window into your inner landscape. All of these steps lead me to a treatment plan that is best tailored to your individual needs.

About the Treatment Itself

Your treatment will most often involve acupuncture, but may also include other modalities, such as moxabustion (an herb that is burned to warm and nourish the area), guasha or cupping (two non-invasive methods of removing stagnation from an area and increasing tissue adaptability), massage, electro-stimulation, meditative exercises, dietary advice and assisted stretches. The acupuncture needles I use are very thin, sterile, stainless steel needles. Once the needles are stimulated, patients will often feel a dull ache, a spreading sensation, a feeling of heaviness or warmth or of energy traveling along a pathway. Patients often experience a sense of well-being while they rest with the needles in place for 10-30 minutes.

What Do You Do with the Needles After Use?

The needles are for single use only and are disposed of as medical waste.

Does Acupuncture Hurt?

There are often physical sensations associated with Acupuncture. The acupuncture needles are very thin - about the diameter of a thick human hair. When the needles are inserted you may feel nothing or you may experience a tiny pricking sensation. As I stimulate the needles, you may feel a dull ache, a spreading sensation, a feeling of heaviness or warmth or of energy traveling along a pathway. This moment, when you feel an acupuncture point working, is known as de qi, or the ‘arrival of qi’. It is a good thing. Another way of thinking about de qi is that the acupuncture needle has accessed the energy needed to stimulate a healing response in the bodymind. When the point is activated, change is initiated. Patients often experience a sense of calm and well-being during the treatment.

How Many Treatments are Needed?

Courses of treatment are very individual and are based on the nature, severity and duration of the complaint, as well as the lifestyle of the patient and their compliance with self-care during treatment. Sometimes acute issues can be resolved in a few treatments, while chronic or life-long issues need regular, frequent care over a longer period and will then transition to maintenance treatments as needed.

How To Prepare

What are Your Accepted Forms of Payment?

I accept cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. My rates are:

Initial Consultation and Treatment -  $135.00
Follow up sessions -  $100.00

5 pack of treatments - $475.00

Do You Accept Insurance for Acupuncture?

I am a pay-for-service practice only. I no longer bill insurance panels for my patients, but will happily provide a superbill that can be submitted to your insurance company for reimbursement. Please check with your plan to see if you have coverage for out-of-network care. I also can accept HSA or FSA debit cards for payment of your session.